Marketing and Management Consulting

Focused, Cost-effective, Innovative and Personalized To Meet Our Clients’ Objectives

Since 2005 BeneFinity, has provided focused, cost-effective, innovative and personalized marketing and management solutions to meet the objectives of our clients. If you are looking for high integrity, dedicated, broadly experienced, intensely client-focused and cost-effective consulting services you are at the right place! We deliver professional and independent management and marketing consultancy services, personalized to whatever the scope of our client’s and partner’s needs, so we can help you improve your organization’s value proposition.

Our philosophy is to become our client's strategic partner and trusted advisor: "YOUR VISION IS OUR VISION."

Our approach to consulting is to exceed customer expectations, foster customer independence, and ensure that we complete engagements on-time and within budget. We offer flexible and highly competitive hourly or project-based rate structures in comparison to larger marketing and management consulting firms. “YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS.”

Our Expertise

Marketing and Management Consulting

BeneFinity is an independent marketing and management consultancy specializing in developing and providing our clients access to the best ancillary benefits available in the market from leading product and service providers. From products and services development to delivering appropriate marketing messaging and campaigns, we offer technical expertise and vast industry knowledge to deliver value and success for our clients’ benefits programs.

Marketing and Management Consulting

Specializing as a B2B aggregator and provider of unique, turnkey ancillary products featuring low cost, high value and minimal marketing effort/expense, BeneFinity collaborates with affinity, association and employer organizations, product service providers and marketers to provide exceptional products and services to their constituencies through creative partnership and co-branded programs. We work with clients and partners that include associations, affinity groups, employers, insurers, service providers, third party administrators/marketers, law firms and the financial/investment community. We offer focused, cost-effective, innovative and personalized consultancy and marketing solutions as a trusted advisor to meet the objectives of our clients. Additionally, we offer carefully pre-screened, quality products, and services at substantial discounts not available to the everyday consumer. These plans come from leading companies who understand and tailor their offerings to the affinity/association group and employer market.

Marketing and Management Consulting

Our professional management and marketing consultancy independence permits BeneFinity to collaborate with all players in the benefits industry. Our vast experience and deep understanding of the interest, concerns and needs of employee, association and affinity group, charities, utilities, insurers, financial, educational, government, and political/lobby channels, across all stakeholders, allows us to bring together the appropriate market players to deliver the appropriate value and solutions to our clients. Our deep affinity and benefits market knowledge and vast experience developing products and marketing solutions are key to how we deliver unique value to our clients. We identify, evaluate and coalesce quality solutions by bringing together innovative product and service providers and affinity groups, employers, marketers and brokers. This collaborative approach helps our clients and partners enhance constituency growth and customer satisfaction, long-term loyalty, deploy new benefit programs, marketing/communication channels, and generate new revenue streams.

We Work With You To Make The Right Decisions At The Right Time

Marketing and Management Consulting

As subject matter experts and thought leaders with deep and broad knowledge in the insurance, reinsurance, financial services, risk management and affinity benefits industries and markets, our focus is on delivering clarity to help you analyze and resolve issues, source and manage specific solutions unique to your needs. We will help you make the right decisions and implement the right action plans to achieve your goals. In this regard, our ability to help you succeed is grounded in our integrity and unbiased perspective, which comes from our vast experience working on a wide range of issues, and allows us to objectively identify the right solutions for your organization, free from conflicts of interest. We stay involved to maximize your investment in our services.

Marketing and Management Consulting

We collaborate with you to identify your organization's specific needs and effectively evaluate its complexities and engagement objectives to design unbiased consultancy solutions that are implemented according to your specifications. You can depend on us to get the job done right, in a timely manner and within your budget. With BeneFinity, you can be assured that we will listen intently and work side-by-side with you and your team to become a strategic partner to your organization and identify cost-effective and practical solutions that will best meet your business objectives. We also have deep executive management, information technology, insurance/third party administration, operations, regulatory compliance and inspired marketing/sales expertise with particular emphasis in the following areas:

Ancillary Benefits & Product Development

  • Custom product development
  • Pre-screening of and access to insurance and non-insurance ancillary products and services
  • Product & Services portfolio includes:
    • Financial & Security
    • 24/7 Travel Insurance
    • 24/7 Emergency Assistance Services
    • Legal & Estate Planning
    • Seniors & Eldercare
    • Retail Shopping Discount and Cashback Rewards
    • And more coming . . .

Affinity, Consumer & B2B Marketing

  • B2B, consumer, eCommerce, direct response
  • Management and marketing consulting for affinity, association, employer and other organizations
  • Integrated specialty marketing, segmentation, data and membership services, branding
  • Multi-distribution channel marketing and strategies
  • Solutions to match customers and cultures with the right products

Interim Executive Management

  • Operational and administrative roles
  • Change management
  • Acquisition integration services
  • Human capital
  • Financial capital
  • Risk management solutions
  • Accelerated growth and business development strategies

Marketing and Management Consulting

Healthcare Services & Private Exchanges

  • Affordable Care Act and compliance review and analysis.
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Health Information Interoperability (HEI)
  • Identification and sourcing of Private Exchanges for large employers seeking to manage healthcare costs and move employees to a defined contribution model, and brokers seeking new benefits strategies and exchange partnerships.
  • MMIS, MITA and Medicaid agency IV&V, RFP/RFQ and procurement.
  • Information technology and operations review, analysis and development.

Absence Management & HRO/ITO

  • Integrated Absence & Disability Management (IADM)
  • Human Productivity Management (HPM)
  • Custom IADM software development
  • HR, IT and business process outsourcing
  • RFP/RFQ, vendor selection and implementation management
  • Measurable data analytics, benchmarking and management dashboards

Business Management & Litigation Support

  • Business development and partnership strategies
  • Develop and/or re-engineer business plan, marketing/sales, CRM, financial and other mission critical strategies
  • Facilitate new productive processes to replace outmoded methodologies and/or technologies for existing or emerging enterprises
  • RFP/RFQ, vendor selection and procurement
  • Tribal Nation and Minority Business Enterprise
  • Insurance industry expert witness and litigation support.